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Executive Coaching

Executives selected for coaching usually fall into one of several different categories: succession candidates for key positions, current key position holders, executives transitioning into a larger position, high potentials, and diversity pipeline.

Executive Coaching assignments are normally 6-9 months and include: a 360 feedback process (interviews with manager, senior management, peers, subordinates, and in some cases internal or external clients), preparation of a Development Plan, manager engagement with all aspects of the Development Plan, and creation of personalized tools and techniques designed to inculcate changes in behavior. Other assessments may be used as appropriate (i.e. personality self assessments, Hogan instrument etc).

Frequent developmental areas for the coaching are:

(1) Leadership
- Motivating and inspiring others
- Strategic versus tactical
- Leadership and management capability
- Team building

(2) Interpersonal Skills and Style
- Relationship management
- Communications
- Executive presence

(3) Greater Self Awareness
- Peer coaching
- Personality self-assessment
- 360 feedback w/team conversations

(4) Derailing Behaviors
- Self regulation
- Self confidence
- Organizational accountability


HR Consulting assignments are typically in organization design, leadership development, talent assessment, or strategy. Clients are typically the Head of HR or key Department Heads with significant people responsibility.

Consulting assignments also may involve the Coaching Practice Leaders or the Chief Talent Officer with a focus on the design and objectives for the company’s Coaching Program.


A fast growing area in the coaching world is providing “onboarding support” to executives who are assuming a new position. The executive can be either an external recruit or a recently promoted executive from inside the company. The coaching process will usually begin in advance of the executive assuming the position and include:
- Key Stakeholder management
- Early days listening program
- Defining your mission
- Articulating your leadership message
- Communications and meeting planning
- Organizational assessment
- Organization design/restructuring
- Team building and team assimilation
- Action Plans and Timeline (quick wins, burning imperative etc.)

Career Coaching

It is not unusual for an executive to need career guidance at certain points in their life (i.e. returning from an overseas assignment, returning from a leave of absence, going through a mid-career or late career change, going through a restructuring or merger). Whatever the reason, it may be advantageous to have an expert from outside the organization provide career coaching in a thoughtful, organized and expeditious manner so the full set of appropriate alternatives can be fully explored.

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